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We're Here to Help You!
Children's Bone & Spine Surgery is the only exclusive pediatric orthopedic surgery practice in Nevada. At Children's Bone & Spine Surgery, we take great pride in our ability not only to diagnose and treat our patients, but also to give your children the opportunity to experience life without physical restrictions and deformity. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site and learn a little more about our practice. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office for personal service.
Meet Our Physicians

Dr. Jonathan Camp - Retired

After over 30 years as a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon in the Las Vegas Valley, our amazing and wonderful founder, Dr. Jonathan Camp has retired. He was the epitome of what a physician is supposed to be! His dedication and compassion for his patients was highly commendable. His legacy as a doctor in the Las Vegas Valley is unparalleled. He is loved by so many throughout the valley, including patients, parents, colleagues and most important his CBSS partners and staff! Thank you Dr. Camp for your vision and the love and hard work you put in to it. You’ve spent your life helping others and now it’s time for you to enjoy your life and your family. You will be sorely missed! Wishing you all the best. May blessings, joy and good health abound in retirement!

Dr. David Stewart

Dr. David Stewart was a National Advanced Placement Scholar and graduated from Brigham Young University in molecular biology after just two years with Summa Cum Laude honors. He received his medical degree from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in 1999. He completed a surgical internship and orthopedic residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch. He is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society and received numerous awards for excellence in both clinical practice and medical research.

Dr. Stewart is fellowship-trained in pediatric orthopedics at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. CHLA is rated as one of the two largest hospitals in the United States for pediatric spine surgery and pediatric orthopedic oncology. Dr. Stewart is trained in the latest innovations in fracture care and general pediatric orthopedics. He enjoys working with children and strives to provide each child with the best possible care. 

Dr. Jason Nielson

Dr. Jason Nielson joined us after completing the only pediatric and adolescent sports medicine fellowship in the United States at Boston Children’s Hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School. Under the tutelage of Dr. Lyle Micheli – one of the fathers of adolescent and pediatric sports medicine – and the many highly trained surgeons at Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr. Nielson is trained in treating acute and overuse injuries in young athletes and children. He previously served as a physician for the Boston Ballet, and continues to have a keen interest in dance medicine and hip arthroscopy.

Dr. Nielson holds an undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University. He completed medical school at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1999. He trained as an orthopedic surgeon at Montefiore Hospital in New York. He has been recognized at each level with awards of excellence. He has published many scientific articles and has written numerous chapters on orthopedic, sports and dance medicine topics. 

Dr. Deirdre Ryan

Dr. Deirdre Ryan is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha  Medical Honor Society and has received awards in clinical practice and medical research. She has published many scientific articles on orthopedics, trauma, and neuromuscular conditions such as Cerebral Palsy and Spina Bifida. She worked for 10 years at Children's Hospital Los Angeles as a pediatric orthopedic surgeon with a subspecialty in Gait Analysis. Dr. Ryan trained in general pediatric orthopedics, neuromuscular conditions, fracture care, limb length, and alignment disorders.

While working as a nurse, Dr. Ryan became interested in surgery and returned to attend Georgetown University Medical School. She then  went on to train in Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery.

Karen Myung, M.D.

Dr. Karen Myung, MD, PhD, MBA, FAAOS is a board certified pediatric orthopedic surgeon
specializing in scoliosis, kyphosis and other spinal deformities. With over 1000 spine surgeries
under her belt and many peer reviewed publications, she also serves on quality and safety
committees in pediatric orthopedics at the national society level. Her orthopedic residency
training was at the University of Wisconsin and her spine fellowship was at Children’s Hospital
of Los Angeles at University of Southern California, where she stayed on as an attending
physician. She then moved on to Riley Children’s Hospital at IU Health and Indiana University in
Indianapolis where she built a large pediatric spine program. She also holds an MBA from the
Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, where she earned a certification in Lean/Six
Sigma methods to further devote her career to the improvement of quality, safety and
operational processes in pediatric spinal surgery.
Meet Our Staff
Jeffrey Seare, PA-C
Austin Golding, PA-C
Bryant Hoer, PA-C, ATC
Our Office Locations
1525 E. Windmill Lane, Ste. #201, Las Vegas, NV 89123
9050 W. Cheyenne Avenue, Ste. #110, Las Vegas, NV 89129
We Specialize In...

Scoliosis and other spinal curvatures are common findings in children during growth and development. Our physicians and PA-C’s are committed to the safest and most advanced scoliosis treatment techniques, including specialized night-time bracing techniques for smaller bodies.

Fracture Care

Fractures (broken bones) occur often in pediatric patients. The goals of proper fracture management include restoration of bone alignment and proper immobilization to promote bone healing, in order for your child to restore their function. All of our specialists provide top quality fracture care for your child. Our four doctors serve as consultants to the local pediatric trauma centers at St. Rose Siena Campus and Sunrise Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, and Dr. Stewart and Dr. Ryan have extensive experience in pediatric orthopedic trauma

Sports Injuries

Physical activity is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle for your child, though injuries during sports may occur. Trained in the most up-to-date care of pediatric and adolescent sports injuries, Dr. Nielson is the sole pediatric orthopedic sports medicine specialist and leads the Las Vegas valley in the treatment of acute and overuse injuries in young athletes as population and participation in youth sports continues to grow.

Hip Reconstruction

Infants and children with developmental hip dysplasia should be routinely screened by an orthopedic specialist, in order to provide the best prognosis and recovery through growth and development. Often times, children may require bracing or a hip harness, though more significant conditions may require surgery. Dr. Stewart, and Dr. Ryan all specialize in pediatric hip conditions.

Club Feet

Clubfoot describes a range of foot abnormalities that may present at birth. Orthopedic specialists are trained in both conservative and surgical measures for treating these conditions, based upon the severity. Dr. Stewart, and Dr. Ryan use the Ponseti casting technique for clubfoot treatment, avoiding extensive traditional surgery in most cases, and improving long-term outcomes.

Cerebral Palsy

Dr. Stewart and Dr. Ryan have established pediatric specialty clinics to combine the experience and training of pediatric physical therapists, brace makers, surgeons and specialists for a multi-specialty approach to care of patients with cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular conditions.

Here's What Our Clients Say About Us...
Stephanie G.
"I've had to come to Dr Stewart two separate instances. The 1st was when my then 7 year old broke her shoulder. He did have to push it into place which made her scream/cry but 2 mins later she was fine and normal and happy. She also healed from that not only perfectly but also ahead of normal schedule. Currently the same kid has broken both bones in her lower leg. Bill was the one who wrapped her leg & not only did he do it with an expert's precision but also was able to distract her through the pain but also kept me distracted from seeing my girl in pain. The girl who helped him holding her leg was also just as great although her name slips my memory. I don't trust many doctors but I really trust Dr Stewart and his team for their extensive knowledge & experience as well as for their ability to make a mom & daughter forget the pain in the moment. Thank you!!!!"
Chris B.
"Dr. Stewart, Dr. Petrias, and the trauma medic Bill we're great. Bill was especially effective in casting my step daughters broken leg! Thanks guys"
Eliza B.
"Great staff and clean office. We were in and out with no problem. They were very patient in dealing with my 4 year old . Highly recommend this office . We saw Dr. Nielson for follow up after our visit to Sunrise Hospital"
Rodrigo C.
"Dr camp is fabulous , he's been with my little sister for a few years now and there is nobody else we would trust. So kind, friendly and welcoming his office and staff are amazing"
Abby W.
"My daughter recently fractured her elbow. The ER told me to wait 10 days to see an orthopedic but when I called CB&S they told me to bring her in the next day and I am so glad we did. The experience was amazing start to finish. They did new xrays because the ER could not send to them. Everyone one was so helpful and understanding. They included my daughter in what was happening. The William the caster was amazing and had her laughing the whole time. He told her the rules she had to follow and then told me the rules we need to follow. I am so glad that I went here to get her taken care of!"
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