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Get ALL 120 Social Media Images in Fully Editable Layered Photoshop Files for the Auto Shops Niche to Give You the Freedom and Flexibility to Do Anything You Want
With Them!
You've already invested in a key element to achieving your goal...

Now... Let me fast track you. 

The 120 PLR Social Media Images in the front-end of Local Social Posts is a great product on its own.

But adding all 120 social media images in fully editable layered Photoshop files (PSDs) I use every day in my business that will help you to make sales very quickly and take the guess work out.

And if you add my 120 social media images in fully editable layered Photoshop files (PSDs) today YOU and YOUR CLIENTS will have an unfair advantage over your competition.

You'll have a GRAND TOTAL of 120 social media images in fully editable layered Photoshop files (PSDs) that you can edit in a variety of ways...

This will give you all the freedom and flexibility that you'll ever need!
Why this offer is so valuable
These social media images in fully editable layered Photoshop files (PSDs) will SAVE you a ton of time and money because you will have the ability to modify content yourself!

I hope you understand just how invaluable that really is! 

You can start selling social posting as a service to your clients and they'll happily pay $99-$199 per month to post these for them... and again WITHOUT having to create ANY content whatsoever! 

It doesn't get any better than this!
Below are ALL 120 Social Media Images in Fully Editable Layered Photoshop Files (PSDs) to Complete Your Library for the Auto Shops Niche Today!
  •  Get ALL 120 Brand New High-Quality Social Media Images in Layered Photoshop Files (.PSD format)
  •  Can be edited with Photopea and/or GIMP instead of Photoshop
  •  Formatted Perfectly for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest in 1080x1080 .JPG
  •  Just Add Your Client's Logo (Completely Optional)
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Image 115
Image 116
Image 117
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Image 119
Image 120
Look at the BIG SAVINGS you will make grabbing All 120 Social Media Images in Fully Editable Layered Photoshop Files for the Local Social Posts: Auto Shops Edition!
Let's do some math...

You're getting ALL 120 social media images in fully editable layered Photoshop files (PSDs) for less than $100... 

That means each image will only cost you ONLY approximately $0.55 each! 

You'll never find this quality of images with fully editable layered Photoshop files (PSDs) for anything less than $8-10 each...And that's the absolute best deals I could find when speaking with over 50 folks from Fiverr! 

Plus this low fee includes Private Label Rights (PLR) so you can do whatever you want with them and you can use them over and over again for as many clients as you have. 

I had these created from scratch so they are NOT available anywhere else.
All images come with private label rights (PLR) so you can customize as needed and make them your own!
Again PLR is short for Private Label Rights.  That means that you have the right to change them any way you see fit and then sell it or give it away to your clients. However, you DO NOT have the right to sell this product "as-is" to other marketers and marketing consultants.

[YES] Can be edited
[YES] Can claim ownership
[YES] Can be used for your own webinar
[YES]Can be used for your own in-person presentation
[YES] Can be added to membership site ONLY for local businesses NOT other marketers
[NO] Can sell resale rights
[NO] Can sell master resale rights
[NO] Can be offered through auction sites
[NO] Can sell private label rights
[NO] Can be sold through sites like Tradebit
"But, what about the money back guarantee?"
Unfortunately due to the fact that this offer is exactly what it is... These social media images that are worth hundreds of dollars there is NO money back guarantee since it would be unfair to the customers who do pay for and use this content.

If this doesn't work for you, I get it and that's your prerogative. 

I hope you can understand my point of view. You could make a purchase, download everything and use it for your business and then ask for a refund.   

However, regardless of the refund you'd still have all 120 of the social media images in fully editable layered Photoshop files (PSDs) and could still use them. There's no way for me to reach into your computer and delete them.   

So obviously that would NOT be fair to my other customers or myself for that matter. Hence the reason I have decided to not provide a money back guarantee with this offer. 

However, I provide some of the best support in the business and usually reply to support requests within a few hours. :-)
This is truly a limited time offer so click the button below and get INSTANT ACCESS!!!
Before I let you go, I wanted to send out a big thank you for watching the video and reading this letter.

I'm truly excited for you to get started with these additional assets for you and your clients and see the results.  

Talk to you soon,
Kerry Knoll
P.S. If you let this offer pass you by, you can guarantee one thing: nothing will change. At least, not for awhile. But, grab this right now, and you'll be on your way to finally have the original artwork in fully editable layered Photoshop files (PSDs) of high-quality PLR social media images for your and/or your clients. All you have to do is click the buy button above now.

P.P.S. Keep in mind, we will only be selling 100 copies.  Just click the buy button below to get started.
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