STOP! This could be the most important message you’ll ever read!
If you want to enjoy prestige and financial freedom while helping local businesses, then this is for YOU …
Discover How To Become A
Highly Respected Member Of Your Local
Community Providing Local Businesses With This Vital Service – Even If You Only Have Limited Business And Technical Knowledge
 This product will give you the necessary training for creating niche-specific Facebook groups of local
business owners.

You can build trust by providing value in the form of intent-based branding and ultimately selling them your own digital marketing expertise in the form of digital marketing programs which the local business owners can implement themselves.

You can sell your own digital product starting at $17 and as much as $97 and easily scale this up to $10K per month or more!
Price Goes Up To $297 In...
Hi Fellow Entrepreneur … imagine being highly regarded by your local business community as the ‘Go To’ guy or gal who can help them with their digital marketing.

And picture overcoming the biggest barrier consultants normally face to scale up your business and make around $10,000 a month while only giving your business limited attention.

That will leave you plenty of leisure time to enjoy your financial freedom.
Does that sound like a stretch, right now?
I thought so too – until I actually achieved it!

Howdy … my name is Kerry Knoll and I have been involved in digital marketing for the last eight years, originally as a one-on-one local digital business consultant.

But I turned to ecommerce because, having a degree in computer information systems, I had the ability to create a business that virtually ran on autopilot – delivering the fabled laptop lifestyle we all crave.

That went very well for a few years, at its peak making me somewhere approaching a million dollars a year. What’s more - once set up – it gave me an enviable lifestyle, with plenty of leisure time to enjoy my new-found wealth.

Then, one day, everything changed
One large advertiser altered their advertising parameters and I had suddenly found myself staring into the abyss.

It was during that darkest of dark days I swore that if I ever managed to create a profitable and sustainable business that ran on virtual autopilot, then I would reach down and give a helping hand to folks like you still searching for that perfect laptop lifestyle.

So, having had previous success with my original one-on-one consulting business I went back to doing that again, just as a way of keeping the lights on and putting food on the table, because – having tasted the joys of an autopilot business - I was determined not to carry on doing time consuming one-on-one consulting for too long.

Because the main problem with that type of consulting – just like being on the job treadmill – is you’re trading your time for money. And there are only so many hours you do that, which puts a strict limit on what you can make.

And then, one day, it struck me
You see, it’s a fact most small business owners are far too busy running their business on a day to day basis to have the spare time or inclination to really understand digital marketing – particularly keeping up with our fast evolving digital world. And yet it’s an increasingly vital part of modern business success.

So, just as they hire a tax accountant to keep on top of the tax laws, they also need to invest in the services of a digital expert.

But I’d found that while virtually all the small business owners I approached definitely understood the need to hire specialist help to advise them on their digital marketing, many simply don’t have the budget for the high fees one-on-one consultants charge while another large group prefer to learn how to become digitally savvy themselves.

I already knew that consulting is one of the growth industries of the future, predicted to explode in the next few years, so I was loath to dump what was an already successful business with such promising prospects.

Fortunately, I suddenly realized I could actually build on the success of my existing consulting business by copying what the super rich do: creating an income producing asset once and enjoying an income from it for ever more.

What’s more, I could cater for all those businesses in my community who couldn’t afford to hire me as a highly expensive one-on-one consultant, but would be eager to pay for a cheaper service, which digital technology would allow me to provide while still bringing home the bacon for myself and my family.

So, for the past couple of years, I have been moving my business away from one-on-one coaching and evolving it into a battle-tested, semi-automated system which has actually turned out to be far more profitable than one-on-one consulting, while spending far less time attending to it.
Making it the perfect business for you too
Because using the simple strategies and ready made system I’ve developed, you too can provide expert advice on digital marketing without actually being a digital expert yourself (in reality, an ‘expert’ is only someone who knows a little bit more about the subject than the average person).

My new strategy turns the conventional one-on-one, high cost, consulting model on its head.

Because – instead of charging one or two clients a very high fee (and effectively buying yourself another 9-5 job), you create a sustainable, virtually autopilot business helping multiple local business clients, who are far happier paying your affordable fees while regarding you as your town’s ‘Go To’ guy or gal for digital marketing know-how.

But – despite being attractive and affordable for your many clients (which you handle mainly on autopilot) - these fees quickly snowball, scaling up your income, so $10,000 a month, perhaps more, is completely practical with a little effort.

And, because the material you will be deploying is drawn from my own eight years of hands on experience in digital consulting, website design and development, business consulting and e-commerce - plus my degree in computer information systems - you will instantly be perceived by your local businesses as the answer to their prayers.

Effectively you will be doing the work once and enjoying the profits for ever more, which is the exact same business model super-rich movie stars, best-selling authors and the like use to amass their wealth.

And I’ll also give you an opportunity to have me do virtually all the work for you, which is perfect if you’re still on the hated job treadmill with very little spare time.

Incidentally, trading your time for dollars in a job is the exact opposite of the movie star business model, which is why hardly anyone, except maybe the CEO of a giant multi-national, gets wealthy working in a job.

And now I’ve successfully run my system for a couple of very profitable years, it’s time to make good my solemn vow, made in my darkest hour, to reach down and help good folks, like you.

So I’ve now created a complete, easy to follow training program built around step by step, bite-size video tutorials that will get you up to speed as fast as humanly possible.
And here’s just a tiny glimpse at what’s
inside and what it can do for you …
  • The seven simple steps to your dream $10,000 a month autopilot consulting business.
  •  How to do it once, and enjoy the income for ever more.
  •  The KLT factor (and why it’s the cornerstone of your business). 
  •  The key secret to creating a ‘must have’ incentive for your prospective clients. 
  •  How to make extra income from the most engaged business owners. 
  •  The clever messaging system that banishes much of the hard work, leaving you plenty of leisure time.  
  •  How to handle multiple groups of local businesses – all at the same time, all for free and largely on autopilot. Because the more different groups of businesses you handle, the more money you’ll make! 
  •  How to add an air of exclusivity that is attracts prospects by making them feel special.  
  •  Your three-step instant action plan – empowering you to hit the ground running and know precisely what to do next. 
  •  The five walkthrough videos. Watch over my shoulder as I show exactly how to set up the five key elements of your autopilot system.  
  •  The important matter of getting paid (here’s where you can make your choice of one of several payment processors to pump money direct into your bank account). 
  •  Choose from eight shopping carts – pick one depending of what degree of automation you want.  
  •  The ‘done for you’ materials ready for you to set up your business lightening fast (all you need add is your name as the author).  
  •  The handy 12-step cheat sheet. Print it out and check off the items as you accomplish them, making the whole project a piece of cake – and great fun! 
And, much, MUCH more …
But wait...There are 2 versions of this Program...
What do you get if you purchase the Advanced Version?
  • [ADVANCED ONLY] - AGENCY - Done-For-You Tripwire (Core Product)
  • ​[ADVANCED ONLY] - AGENCY - Done-For-You Sales Page (ClickFunnels) and Assets for Your Tripwire
  • ​[ADVANCED ONLY] - AGENCY - Done-For-You Video Sales Letter Selling Your Tripwire
  • ​[ADVANCED ONLY] - AGENCY - Done-For-You Members Area (ClickFunnels) for Your Tripwire
  • ​​[ADVANCED ONLY] - AGENCY - Training Video on How to Edit the ClickFunnels Members Area for Your Tripwire
  • ​​[ADVANCED ONLY] - AGENCY - Done-For-You Up-Sell Product
  • ​​[ADVANCED ONLY] - AGENCY - Done-For-You Sales Page (ClickFunnels) for Your Up-Sell Product
  • ​​[ADVANCED ONLY] - AGENCY - Done-For-You Video Sales Letter Selling Your Up-Sell Product
  • ​​[ADVANCED ONLY] - AGENCY - Done-For-You Members Are (ClickFunnels) for Your Up-Sell Product
  • ​​[ADVANCED ONLY] - AGENCY - Done-For-You Follow-Up Email Sequence for Up-Sell Product
But don’t just take MY word for how good it is
Read what others are saying, too …

"Kerry gave me an advanced copy of this. I loved it! This is exactly the way that both new and experienced offliners need to be building their businesses!"

Lee Cole - EZ Profit Software

"If you want a simple to follow, proven system providing a service that local businesses want, need and are willing to pay for, this is it. Kerry's laid everything out for - you just have to take action!"

Chrissy Withers

"I run a local digital agency in Myrtle Beach, SC, and I’m always looking for good training to keep me current, especially with Social Media, as it’s changing all the time. Kerry has delivered a knock-out punch with “Local Social Groups!” Valuable stuff!"

Jeanne Kolenda - The Business Force
But don’t even take THEIR word for it, either
Because I could show you even more glowing testimonials like these - but NOTHING beats you being able to prove to yourself it actually works  for YOU. 
So I’m going to allow you to take the entire program away for a 30 day test drive.  

So dive into this comprehensive program, watch the bite-size training videos and go through all the material I’ve already created for you to make this a  complete slam dunk to get started on your way to your $10,000 a month 
prestige business.

Then if, at the end of a full 30 days of marveling at the ingenuity and detail of my strategy you’re not convinced this arrangement is perfect for you, then  simply shoot me a quick email and your investment will be refunded so fast 
you risk getting whiplash!

After all, the whole program is digital. So it’s not like you have to pack it all up and mail it back, is it?

And within a few hours of sending your email, you’ll receive a full refund of every penny of your investment.

Ah, yes – your investment.

If you were to visit me to receive this training, face to face, it would mean you having to get time off work and spend a great deal of time and  money on traveling and accommodation – quite apart from the fact I charge  $250 an hour for face to face training. 

But I wanted to make this affordable for good folks, like you, because you deserve to finally step up to a better, brighter life starting right now.  

So, by recording the program as training videos and packaging them up with  a complete range of done for you material just needing your name as the author, you’ll be able to enjoy the very same high quality training you’d enjoy 
here, one on one, - with the added advantage of being able to enjoy it  all in the comfort of your own home. 

So sit back on your favorite couch, pour a cold beer and enjoy absorbing my powerful secrets.  

You can re-run the videos as often as you like to make sure you get the  maximum mileage from my training.  

And, because I only have to give each training session once, you can take the whole program away for a 30 day test drive for a fraction of one hour of  face to face training – just $27. 

But there is one thing to bear in mind here …
Time is of the essence
Because this is on a dime sale, so your investment increases with every program sold.  

With such a rare opportunity as this, where you can ride on the coat tales of someone already living the fabled laptop lifestyle and is about to give you a helping hand to do the same, there can only be one question. 

What will you do with your new found wealth?
Will you stride into the most upscale car showroom in town, walk up to the most expensive, top of the range vehicle on the floor and slide into that luxurious leather driver’s seat?

Then, as you grasp that chunky steering wheel, savor that ‘new car’ fragrance and gaze out on that enormous hood, the sales manager appears at your elbow.

But – before he can speak – will you strike him dumb by announcing you’ll drive it away and you’ll be paying CASH?

Or will you thrill your horse-mad young daughter by handing her the reins of her very own pony?

And I guarantee you’ll enjoy the gleeful reaction of your spouse as you hand her a voucher for three day’s unashamed pampering at a high-end luxury beauty spa.

Those are the sort of memorable experiences you can look forward to – once you have my secrets of making cash on demand from your local business community and so finally get to experience the sheer BLASTING POWER of money!

Or perhaps you’ll be super-disciplined and keeping piling up your newfound wealth until that wonderful day arrives, when you give your boss the pink slip.

Just think of how you’ll feel as you drive home for the very last time, buzzing with the realization you’re finally ESCAPING TO THE LIFE OF TIME AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM you’ve been longing for!

Just think …
  • No more insistent alarm shattering your cozy slumbers.
  •  No more lemming-like commute on gloomy winter mornings.  
  •  No more back-biting office politics. 
  •  No more working hard to make your fickle boss rich.
Instead, you will now just spend a few pleasant hours a day, building YOUR OWN WEALTH with my ‘Local Social Groups’ program.

The rest of the time, you’re free to spend as you like.

Then you will truly know the meaning of time and financial FREEDOM.

With a golden opportunity like this, that can truly change your life for the better, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say … 
This is one of your Crossroad Days
Most days are routine. Then, occasionally, there comes a magical day with  the power to transform your life beyond all recognition.  

Crossroad days are life-determining days such as when you chose what college to attend or what career to follow and who to spend your life with. 

And then there is THIS day - when you have the golden opportunity to finally start to live life as it should be lived – free of worry about those never ending bills and with more than enough cash left over to really enjoy life and even reinvest and build up your profits so you can finally step off your hated 9-5 job treadmill ...   

So what will you choose to do?

Carry on as before, looking for an even better opportunity or trying to figure out my strategy out all on your own, while wondering, deep down, if you’ll ever really manage to make any serious money or be forever doomed to  
tread the job treadmill until you are eventually forced to retire on a pittance.

OR …

Will you be smart and realize that, for a tiny investment of just $27 (if you’re quick), you will become privy to the most valuable, proven insights to empower you to escape to a better, brighter life of financial and time freedom very few folks have the courage reach for.

Sounds like your choice is a complete no-brainer, so I’m really looking forward to welcoming you aboard!
When You Sign Up Today, You’ll also Get FREE Access to These Special BONUSES!!!
  • Bonus #1: Lead Magnet - Value $97.00
  •  Bonus #2: Video Sales Letter - Value $97.00
  •  Bonus #3: Landing Page - Value $97.00
  •  Bonus #4: Follow-Up Email Sequence - Value $97.00
  •  Bonus #5: Step-By-Step Cheat Sheet - Value $27.00
  •  Bonus #6: Step-By-Step Guide to Selling a Digital Product - Value $27.00
  •  Bonus #7: Private Facebook Group AND Direct Access to ME! - Value: PRICELESS!
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Done-For-You Lead Magnet Report
Done-For-You High Converting Landing Page
Step-By-Step Guide to Selling a Digital Product
Done-For-You Follow-Up Email Sequence (7 emails)
Done-For-You Step-By-Step Cheat Sheet
You’ll get $489 Worth of Great Products and Training Completely Free!!!
But there is one thing...

This offer will be closing at 11:59PM Eastern Standard time on 12/07/2018 (Friday). This is because I am running this special ONLY during our initial launch period. 

But not to worry. 

I’m all about keeping it simple, which is why I’m giving you a SUPER EASY decision.
“Yes, I’m Ready to Dive in! How Much will this Cost Me???”
Here’s a quick recap of everything you’ll receive when you secure your copy right now:

Local Social Groups Complete Training and System:
  • Never ending amount of business owners - Value: $1,000.00
  •  The ‘secret giveaway’ to attract business owners - Value: $1,000.00 
  •  Close sale after sale - Value $1,000.00 
  •  Build trust with business owners - Value $1,000.00 
  •  Find the perfect business owners to work with - Value $1,000.00 
  •  The exact blueprint that has brought me years of success and longevity with business owners - Value $10,000.00 
  •  Like having an Expert Coach take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step - Value $5,000.00 
The Product Includes:
  • Video Training - Value: $97.00
And you’re also getting: 
  • Bonus #1: Lead Magnet - Value: $97.00
  •  Bonus #2: Video Sales Letter - Value: $97.00
  •  Bonus #3: Landing Page - Value: $97.00
  •  Bonus #4: Follow-Up Email Sequence - Value: $97.00
  •  Bonus #5: Step-By-Step Cheat Sheet - Value: $27.00
  •  Bonus #6: Step-By-Step Guide to Selling a Digital Product - Value: $27.00
  •  Bonus #7: Private Facebook Group AND Direct Access to ME! - Value: PRICELESS!
This is Truly a Limited Time Product so Click the Button Below and Get INSTANT ACCESS!!!
Price Goes Up To $297 In...
Try Out Local Social Groups Completely Free!!!
I want to guarantee you take advantage of this offer today, and feel great about it.

I also have my 100% no questions asked guarantee means there's no risk to you - EVER!

That means you get to try it, break it, fail at it, succeed at it whatever...Make money, don't make money...For whatever reason if you don't like the product, do like the product it doesn't matter. 

If you ask me for your money back you will get it. 

You’re protected by my 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason at all you’re not completely satisfied, get in touch with me and I will give you a complete refund. It’s that simple.
If You were to Pay Me to Create all of THIS for You, it Would Cost Well Over $19,489... 
But Today You Get it for Just...
Price Goes Up To $297 In...
Before I let you go, I wanted to send out a BIG THANK YOU for reading this letter.

I’m truly excited for you to get started with Local Social Groups and see the results. 

See you on the next page,
Kerry Knoll
P.S. There is no big decision required today, because you can take full advantage of my 30 day test drive.

So the only way you can possibly lose out on this is if you don’t take full advantage of this valuable (risk-free) opportunity to really put this to the test.

P.P.S. In her book, ‘Five Regrets Of The Dying’, Bonnie Ware, an Australian palliative care nurse records one of the major regrets of terminally ill patients she nursed was failing to act on the opportunities they were offered during their lives.

That meant they ended their lives still wondering: "What if, I’d had gone ahead with that offer, how differently would my life have turned out?"  

But, if you go ahead right now and check this out (totally without risk), then you’ll never have to wonder … "What if?" 

P.P.P.S. I’ll leave the last word to Niranjan …

"I like Kerry's work when it comes to actionable Offline marketing training. If you see the Growth Hack Mindset tag on a product just do yourself a favor....Get It!"

Niranjan Pradhan
Yes, Kerry!

I want to take full advantage of your very generous 30 day test drive, fully protected by your cast iron ‘love it or your money back’ guarantee, because your ‘Local Social Groups’ program could well be the springboard to a better life of time and financial freedom for me and my loved ones and I’d never forgive myself if I let this risk-free offer pass by untried.

Price Goes Up To $297 In...
Frequently Asked Questions...
Q: Is the Local Social Groups just a rework of a previous program?
A: No, not at all. This is the first time I've ever taught this program. Since I've been having great success with this service, I wanted to give back to other people who could benefit from it.

Q: What's the difference between your previous training, "10K Local Social System", "Local Social Growth Secrets", "Local Social Funnel", and this training, “Local Social Groups? 
A:  The 10K Local Social System teaches about a social posting service while Local Social Growth Secrets teaches about a social growth service, Local Social Funnel teaches you how to generate leads for pennies on the dollar and drive them to your clients offers, and Local Social Groups teaches you how to create niche specific private Facebook groups for business owners and sell them your knowledge in the form a digital product. Although each are 100% unique they definitely work off one another to allow you to provide even more value to local businesses.

Q: Are there a lot of people offering this service? 
A: Not implementing this exact strategy. Not to mention there's so many business owners out there that need your help that it's highly unlikely to ever be saturated.

Q: Do businesses really need me to provide them with my digital marketing knowledge?
A: Absolutely! Most business owners just don’t know where to begin and some of them don’t have the means to pay you your normal monthly rate.

Q: Why will businesses pay me for my digital marketing knowledge?
A: Because they usually don't know what they should really be doing or focusing on.

Q: How much time does this take? 
A: It will take you a few hours to initially set everything up, and then about 5-10 minutes each day for each group you create.

Q: How much money will I have to invest?
A: Not much if any. It really will only require your time and effort. You may want to invest in a virtual assistant to help you out, but that's up to you. Since you'll be getting paid for each sale you won't have any expense unless you decided to take on any of the business owners as new clients.

Q: What if I don't know how to create a digital product? 
A: No problem! I show you step-by step how to get all of this set up and what you need to start making sales.

Q: Do I need any employees? 
A: No - unless you want some help. But again it's completely up to you. I suggest you don't get any help until you have enough sales/clients or want to venture into different niches.

Q: Why are selling this for so little? 
A: Because I want to give back...If it weren't for other great products I've purchased in the past at such reasonable prices I wouldn't be where I am today. I really want to help folks like yourself and give you the best deal possible so you too can attain similar success that I have. Also my digital marketing agency is where I make the majority of my money.

Q: Do I need to meet with local businesses in person or can I do this from the comfort of my own home?
A: No, not at all. Since you’ll be selling your knowledge in the form of a digital product there’s really no need. However, if you decide to work with any business owners and make them an actual client of yours, the that's completely up to you. My advice is to do as much of this using this wonderful thing we call the Internet and then meet with local business owners after they've become a warm prospect.

Q: How do I find businesses who need my help? 
A: Easy peasy...I show you exactly how I do it and you can just copy my methods inside of this training.

Q: How much can I make in the first 30 days? 
A: Honestly I don't know. I'm no psychic. I CANNOT and WILL NOT guarantee any income you may or may not make. However, it's really up to you and the amount of effort you put in. I CAN tell you that any business owners you add to your group will pay month-after-month, year-after-year for your digital marketing expertise.

Q: If I have any additional questions how can I contact you? 
A: Just hit the chat widget in the bottom right hand corner of this page. Alternatively you can send a direct email to me at I usually answer all support inquiries within a few hours.

Q: How do I know if the Local Social Groups will work for me?
A: To be perfectly honest, I don't know for sure. But I can tell you without any uncertainties that this will NOT work for you if you don't go through the training and then apply what you have learned. However, if you DO go through the training and then apply what you've learned this could be the best investment you've ever made.
Price Goes Up To $297 In...
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Price Goes Up To $297 In...
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